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Tacony Palmyra

I thought this place was closed. Did it open again?

Dave Cook

I haven't visited since November 2007, around the time of my original post, but last couple of times I passed by on the bus, they seemed to be open. You could call...

arsolar clemons

i have worked for m&g diner for the past 13 of the 40yrs. that they were in bussiness and i am sorry to say that now it is officially over the diner has been sold we left for vacation on june 29 2008 we will not be back. we are very sorry about the inconvenience to the loyal customers who stuck by us over the years and to all newcomers,onetimers,tourist,walkins just everybody who has ever eaten there,all the young people who made m&g's the late nite place to be back when we were 24hrs.WE WILL TRULY MISS YOU ALL

Ross Valenti

Hello from Seattle. My wife (then just my girlfriend) and I were doing the tourist thing by the Apollo (she's a jazz singer, so that's Mecca for her :)) -- we worked up a mean appetite with all of that walking. It was a freezing cold day in February of 2002 and we weren't about to hit a chain restaurant in Harlem! Then, Bam! We saw that sign and just knew that it was right up our alley. And it was - cozy, full of ethereal smells, windows steamed up with love and good cooking - and the great people working there? Pure charm - they made us out-of-towners feel like second cousins. Remember that old crusty sign on the wall that said "Today's Special: Fish" - That cracked me up, as if it were only "Today's" special - it looked like it had been there for all of 40 years! M&G's had more life and character than you could ever ask for. In my mind, that's what Harlem looks like. It's a pity that I can't bring my young daughter there one day. I hope there is some of "old Harlem" left for us some day when we go back. Sad.

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