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The lines at Nathan's were too long to bear Friday night, so I walked in and, quickly, out of Big Al's. Their dogs looked a bit tired. Instead, I went for some decent BBQ at Beer Island (a nice addition to Coney Island BTW).


Gyros are a quintessential Chicago fast food. (Unlike in NYC, it's pronounced YEE-ros there.) So I wouldn't automatically dog the place based on the inclusion.

Did they use Vienna Beef dogs at the least?

Dave Cook

I call them Yee-ros myself, though a lot of folks in New York look at me funny.

The impression I was trying to convey was that though his name and signage remain, Big Al seems to have moved on; the gyros, kebabs, and kin written up on the paper plates look like latecomers to the menu. I didn't notice whether the dogs were still Vienna Beef.

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