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steve koppelman

Taj Delhi Chaat, one of the stalls in that midtown convenience-store/food-court on 6th Ave. around 37th St., serves a cold, cheeseless version of the Bombay Sandwich. Onions, boiled potato, beets and cucumber on sliced white bread with coriander chutney and margarine. The counterman carefully trims the crusts off the bread and slices it into six pieces. In this form it's unmistakably descended from those English tea sandwiches.

A coworker/street-food-aficionado hailing from India does indeed call it a "Bombay sandwich".

As for pau bhaji, I've now had a couple of versions with varying coarseness to the veg curry. Piling a mess of it with garnishes on each half a roll (and ordering an extra couple of rolls) seems to be my carb-crazed coworker's preferred mode of consumption.


In Bombay they dip the rolls into the sauce as if they were roti.

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