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Thanks for pointing this one out. Does the label happen to mention the alcohol content?

Dave Cook

No. There's only the one label, on the front of the bottle, and even the straight-on view doesn't reveal much.


I'll still try to pick a few up. Vague labeling usually compels me.

[PS - I'll be interested to learn your resource for the AK-100. Mrs. French's products are scare where I live.]

Pakistani Recipes

thnx fr posting it.but shop is too far from my house.Is I can find it on another place?

Dave Cook

Different countries brew differently, and though I've seen similar beverages in the largely Ghanaian neighborhoods near Fordham Rd., in the Bronx, I expect you'll need to find a Nigerian shop. These are fewer, but I can point you to Owa Afrikan Market, in Fort Greene, and to another business (I forget the name) that's catty-corner to Maima's, the Liberian restaurant in Jamaica.

Funny Pictures

@nodeli yeah

How do Stocks work

I didn't know that palm wine is called emu in Nigeria's Yoruba language. Emu is the name of a huge flightless bird so naming it for wine is kind of strange and interesting as well.

affordable health insurance

Health foods are the way to go. They must be natural and organic. That said, it is a good source for nourishment.

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