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When Nedick's 1st reopened in Penn Station it was pretty decent: grilled Nathan's-style hot dog, toasted buttered buns. The only thing was the ladies who worked there insisted on DROWNING the dogs in mustard (being a train station, they didn't trust the pedestrians with condiment management). Am I the only one who finds the NYC Horton's donuts rubbery?

Bronx Briner Gal

Nedick's just makes me sad. When whoever was in charge re-launched Nedick's (which was our go-to cheap 34th Street shopping trip lunch with Nana in the 70's), there was media blitz galore for the Chicago style dog, the buttered buns, the return of the famous orange drink. I think the quality lasted about 6 weeks and then everything fizzled. At the store you went to, I could never get any of the specialty dogs on the menu. Never. Ever. I don't even bother anymore. Gray's Papaya is a better dog in the neighborhood, and no one drops my food, spills my drinks... let's just say I've never had good service at any of the Nedicks since the 70's.

Marty Kirschner

I grew up in Brooklyn and Nedicks had a small stand right outside the Long Island Railroad on Atlantic ave. across fro the big downtown Williamsburg Savings bank which is still there and is most famous for its clock. I think Magic Johnson is the owner of it now. Back then it was primarily dentists and orthodontists occupying the building and I went to my orthodontist there. Of course I always had to stop and get one of the great hot dogs which were grilled to a perfect crunch like Nathans. They shaved the sides of the buns and had these tiny little perfectly cut onions that always amazed me. I remember...Nathans, Orange Julius, Nedicks, Chock full o' nuts, Horn & Hardart (the automat). That New York is gone.

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