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Yeah, I grow these (for the colorful Autumn foliage). Berries are sortof a letdown, if cute.

no name

possibly the same berries as those growing in a vacant, rat infested, lot on east 14th street, 2-3, south side of the block. i have been watching these city berries take over the north-east portion of the lot for a few years now wondering about these beautiful berries.


these are actually indian strawberries (also known as indian falsestrawberries) they are unrelated (though similar in appearance) to wood strawberries and wild strawberries- species that are true strawberries have white flowers, fruits pointed downward, and seeds embedded in the fruit instead of protruding from it. The leaves fruits of indian strawberry are edible, tasting similar to watermelon once most of the seeds have been scraped off. They are invasive, and the leaf tea is valued in China for old Chinese medicine.


just ate one with my daughter... it did have flavor... it tasted like salad lol

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