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I clearly remember a sort of dining room in the rear of Nathan's.(1960's) Someone I know CLAIMS there was an upstairs to this, as well. Can you validate that either pro or con.

Harvey Fishman

Dave, as far back as I can remember (the 1940s) Nathan's has sold frogs' legs. They used to have a MUCH broader menu including things like Jewish delicatessen sandwiches that have been dropped, but the frogs' legs have been a constant.

There definitely was a dining room at the rear of Nathan's. You accessed it from the alley between Nathan's and the bumper car place next to it on Surf Avenue. I do not remember a second story. Nathan's used to sell corn-on-the-cob from a stand on the same side of the alley as the bumper car place, but the stand was behind it. The alley was where the tables are now, but was only about 15 feet wide. It extended back to The Bowery.

Dave Cook

Thanks for the history, Harvey. I'm not surprised that the layout of Nathan's a half-century ago was different from the layout today, but the frog's legs — I'd never have guessed they were a menu item of such long standing!

Josh Karpf

No longer sold: chow mein on a bun.


Dave Cook

I did see the chow mein sandwich on another panel of the wall menu, but I didn't ask after it and so can't guarantee its availability.

Paul Lewis

I just can't believe I *never saw* the frogs' legs on the menu. I'm sad to hear that perhaps Chow Mein sandwiches are now a thing of the past.


does anyone remember a lobster roll sandwich back in the 1960s. i remember it had lobster on a hamburger roll under broiler with some type of russian dressing. Does anyone know this recipe???? i have been trying to find this recipe with no luck at all.

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