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You had what are probably the two most popular noodle dishes of Korean-Chinese cuisine. I too am not a fan of jja jang myun with its oil slick sauce, but it's a variant on the Northern Chinese cha chiang mein (sometimes called Peking-style noodles), which I much prefer. I love jjam ppong. The best place I know in Manhattan is Hyo Dong Gak, on 35th Street. I always order the "extra spicy, extra seafood" version. I think you'll be happy with the spice of that one.

Dave Cook

Thanks for the insight, and the lead!

rachel lee

i've had this dish. it's great and how it should traditionally taste. the texture of the sauce is not "sludge," but rather the consistency that us koreans actually intend for it to be. learn what the correct taste of this dish is before you start trying to call yourself a good critic.

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