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$15/lb? Gosh, and I thought these vendors' mangosteens were expensive at $9/lb.

Although maybe you still get more actual fruit meat from wong pei, since the weight of the mangosteens is largely from the inedible rinds.

Dave Cook

On weight of edible matter for your fruit-shopping dollar, it's probably a wash.

Pepe Fanjul

It seems to be very interesting and i want to have it once. I am really found of fruits and trying different type of fruits.

Gaston Cantens

I personally like trying different kinds of fruits and dishes in life.The name Wong pei is soo different. Hope its taste is also different.

Pier 59 Studios

I like to taste different types of fruits to taste. very less fruits are there which i like the most... wong pei is so different name but i will taste this and hope it comes in the category of my favorite fruits....

Brandi S. Nave Attorney

I buy from street vendors a lot. I can't resist a bargain. There's a guy downtown on Chambers Street near Broadway who has ridiculously cheap stuff. Some of it is way past its prime but some of it is OK. And there's a newish vendor on Chambers near Greenwich who keep later hours than most of the others.

Swami Prakashanand Saraswati

Wong Pei is so different kind of fruit but I will taste this and hope it comes in the category of my favorite fruits.

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