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Glad to hear this place is still around, Dave. I hit it years ago, loved it. Charming, tiny, friendly place. I felt like I was walking into someone's kitchen.
Happy eating.

Dave Cook

This was my first visit, and perhaps the diner has expanded; in addition to a 6-to-8-seat "kitchen," there's a "front room" with garlands of plastic roses hanging from the ceiling. That's where I sat, with two hungry cops, a pair of conversationalists who didn't eat or budge the hour I was there, a handful of actual customers, and one fellow watching Judge Maria Lopez on the TV.


Alas, I fear the worst and put off the inevitable. One online source has Margie's listed as closed at the above address. I called the number, and it was out of service. I loved this joint.

Dave Cook

Appreciate the heads-up, Peter, despite the sad news I learned upon visiting the restaurant.

michael bell

we are glad to announce that Margie's Red Rose Diner has reopened on Oct 2
2010 come and get your grub on. The restaurant has been totally remodeled
by Ayoka and her husband Michael but the same southern style flavor is still being served.

michael bell

Follow us on our facebook page:
Margie's Red Rose Diner L.L.C.

DJ Haywire

I tasted the Fried Chicken it's slammin!


I cannot wait to re-visit this wonderful, wonderful place. The re-opening restores my faith that God's in Heaven and all's well with the world.

They've turned potato salad from a comfort food into an art form.

What a fine way to honor the memory of the great lady who started this adorable place!

Mark Satlof

Margie always had sweet things to say about my kids, now 6 and 9 who've grown up eating ag Margies, and we miss her. But wandering around the neighborhood yesterday we were so psyched the place is back. The fried fish hasn't lost a step. It's a miracle they're back! My only worry is Coco wants to change the charming facade.

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