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Fact Busters

Any Indian worth his salt would tell you that it's most likely to be crappy Indian simulated food for tourists.

Plus, the typography is awful. The "C" is really a hard "T" and the "S" is really a hard "D" sound.

Sounds like suckage!

Dave Cook

The target audience is, of course, English-speaking: Despite the frills, "Cafe Spice" is spelled in the Latin alphabet and not presented in South Asian script. No surprise, then, that the characters should bear closer visual relation to their Latin ideals than phonic relation to the sounds of any South Asian language.

The typography is good in that it's tailored to the target audience. As for the food, I haven't tried it; from the substance of the previous comment I gather that "Fact Busters" hasn't tried it either.


It tried to emulate the Sanskrit script. Foods are not great. Typical touristy indian simulated fare and overpriced for the quality.

City Spoonful

Yeah, looks like devanagiri script -- used for Marati, Gujurati, Hindi (and maybe other languages)? The "C" in English is actually one of the letters representing a "T" sound in Hindi. Similarly, the "S" is the "soft D" sound. And the "A" is the "V" sound. It's kind of a play on language scripts -- if you read both Hindi and English. :)

Coffee beans online

Target audience: While cheap, of course, English-speaking, the Latin alphabet spelling "Cafe Spice" does not appear in the South Asian script. So, not surprisingly, these characters should assume the ideal relationship between the visual than the voice of South Asian languages sound their Latin more closely.

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