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Looks delicious. You might want to ask Maria Del Mar Sacasa (http://www.mariadelmarsacasa.com / https://twitter.com/HHandFrijoles), who is Nicaraguan and occasionally contributes family recipes to the collabarative "Latin American Cooking" column on Serious Eats.

Dave Cook

"Actually, it's a girl," wrote Ms. Sacasa, who grew up in Nicaragua and Mexico (originally I had written "manuelito"), though she doesn't know the origin of the name. In reply to my query, she added that "the wrapper [should be] more like a porous crepe and is filled with queso duro, a crumbly, dry, salty white cheese and sugar — a common filling in many pastries in Nicaragua." Yambo's pastry may be atypical; if there was anything dry or salty about the filling, it was overwhelmed by the sweetness, according to my notes.

Ms. Sacasa added that "oddly, too, manuelitas are served as a side dish during lunch and dinner, not as a dessert, though it leans towards the sweet." I didn't register this at the time, but the manuelitas indeed appeared on the steam table amid many savory dishes.

Thanks, Maria, and you, too, Chris!


You can find queso duro in baleadas as well. (In NYC, it comes standard at Seis Vecinos.) I think its a whole lot like parmigiano.

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