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Floriditas also has a nice, cheap, fatty steak, covered with onions. Coconut flan ain't too bad, either.

Harvey Fishman

Dave, is that a marker or a switch controller? Trolley lines in Brooklyn used to have similar things where the motorman would descend from the car with a long steel bar with a loop handle on the end, stick the flattened point of the bar in the hole and move the points of a switch with the bar.


Dave Cook

I'm not sure, Harvey. If you examine the photo of the curving track (click for a closer look), you'll be able to make out at least four pairs of such markers, albeit of two different generations. That's many more than you'd think would be necessary if these were cover plates for switch controllers. There's no surviving trace of the switch itself, either. On this, I'm out of my depth, but thanks for the recollection.

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