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Vinegret is a staple in any Russian or post-soviet Household. Along with Olivey, vinegret is mostly served on Holidays like new year's but I tend to make it just about anytime. Really simple to make and great along side most things.
Not really sure where the name came from but here's a link to a good site on the matter. http://russiapedia.rt.com/of-russian-origin/vinegret/

I have to agree with the fact that Russians in general love French culture so the possible etymology makes sense.

Have you tried Masal Cafe yet on Emmons avenue?



This is a relatively new bakery that has some of the best Armenian lavash (bread) in NY. My Armenian stepmom swears by it.

Call ahead to make sure they have it, it sells out fast.


Dave Cook

Thanks for the info, Mari!

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