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Dave Cook

By email, the director of Savannah's research library and municipal archives passed along the suggestion (from another party) that the park was named for Judge Oliver T. Bacon...


...but added that the Bacon Park name was already in place by 1925, when the city became involved with this former Chatham County land. City records, unfortunately, cannot shed further light on the origin of the park's name. Thanks nonetheless for the lead, Luciana!

Elizabeth Scott

My name is Elizabeth Scott and Bacon Park was named for a Chatham County Commission Chairman Oliver T. Bacon and co-founded by Judge Arthur Solomon. There are no archives at the city of Savannah because Bacon Park is the property of the citizens of Chatham County. I have all the historical data to substantiate this to include documents out of the National Archives.

Elizabeth Scott

The name Bacon Park was not in place before 1925 because Bacon Regional Park was the old Chatham County Prison Farm and I have the original deed when it was purchased as well all the records from the prison farm.

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